TUS libraries offer various types of study spaces for different study needs. You can choose to work quietly on your own at a study desk, individually at a PC or work with a group of students in one of our study rooms in Moylish Library.

Training room Moylish with PCs: students may use this room as a study space when library classes are not taking place. There is a timetable posted on the doors so students will know when the room needs to be kept free.
Small PCs room near library entrance in Moylish can be used as a study space too.

Group Study Rooms

For 2 or more people. Up to 2 hours per day

Group Study Rooms in Moylish Library are intended for students who wish to collaborate in groups for projects or other work. They are not intended for individual use. Individuals studying alone will be required to vacate the room.
Study Rooms may be booked/used by TUS registered students only. Rooms may not be booked/used by staff, external members or alumni members.

How Do I Book A Group Study Room?

Bookings are made at the Library issue desk.
Phone or email bookings are not possible.
Staff at the Issue desk can help with general queries but cannot book rooms on students’ behalf.
Rooms can be booked up to one week in advance.
Groups can book a room for a maximum of two hours in a single day.
If you wish to cancel a booking, please do so as soon as possible by visiting the library or phone 061293265

Conditions of use

Rooms unoccupied 15 minutes after allotted time will be assigned to other groups.
Standard Library rules apply in all group study rooms. This means no eating and no drinking (except from non-spill containers).
Students are required to keep noise levels down.
Please vacate rooms promptly at the end of a study session, remove all belongings, tidy the room and remove any rubbish.
Please note: If found in violation of the above guidelines, your reservation(s) will be cancelled.