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Printing & photocopying

Printers and photocopiers are available in all LIT libraries. All PCs located within the library are connected to a networked printer.

Student printing and copying.

Printing and copying can be done from the same multi-function devices which you will find around the Computer Centre, Libraries and Open Access areas. Printers and plotters are provided in areas where they are required for certain courses.

The Institute operates a pay to print system which charges for printing on a per page basis. You can print from any computer in the Institute, from which your document is sent to a central print queue. You can then use a nearest print device – there’s usually one nearby. Enter your K-number on the touchscreen and a list of your current print jobs will appear. Select the job you wish to print and follow the on-screen instructions. Printing is available in black & white, colour, A4 and A3, but costs vary accordingly, so if you don’t need colour, then don’t print in colour, because it will cost more than black & white! Also, keep in mind you are being charged per page, so if you use duplex (printing on both sides of the page – this can be setup within the application before you print) you’ll only be charged for printing one page.

Photocopying can be done on any of the devices in the Libraries. Enter your student number on the touch-screen and choose photocopying option.

To add a credit to your printing account you need to use the Online Deposit facility that can be accessed via the Student Portal. This facility accepts major credit cards and laser cards. If you don’t have a credit or laser card, you can purchase a credit voucher to use on the system. To view a list of shops where you can obtain a credit voucher check out the student portal


There are a number of options available for staff photocopying and printing. Your office should have either an Multi Function Printer (MFP) or a desktop printer. Any problems with either of these should be logged with Computer Services helpdesk.

  • Using the MFP in your office: If your office has an MFP you can use it to photocopy documents.
  • Using the photocopying service: Staff can use the photocopying service located beside the CS helpdesk to copy large jobs. A cover sheet must be completed and handed in to the CS helpdesk with the documents to be copied. Alternatively, both the document to be copied and the cover sheet may be emailed to the CS helpdesk. You must leave 5 days for the job to be completed but jobs are often done before this.
  • Using the staff photocopier in the library: This should only be used for small jobs.
Please contact the Computer Services Helpdesk for assistance:

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