Rules & Regulations

The Library seeks to provide a safe, secure and comfortable study environment for all its users. All Library users are expected to acquaint themselves with and observe this code. It has been devised to complement the TUS Student Code of Conduct.
The Library may suspend any person from the use of the library or library service if it deemed that an individual has seriously breached library rules and regulations, or has conducted in a manner which is unacceptable to library staff, other students or to the campus community. The person will have the right to appeal this decision through the procedures set out in the student handbook.


  • Library membership is conferred automatically on all registered TUS students and staff. External membership is available at the discretion of the University Librarian.
  • Student/staff ID card must be produced when requested. These cards must also be shown at the Issue Desk by users wishing to borrow any library material.
  • The Librarian may for good cause, and subject to appeal to the Library Committee, suspend any person from use of the library


  • Silent study – please be considerate of your fellow students when studying in the library.
  • Mobile phones must be set to silent mode in the Library.
  • Take phone calls outside the Library
  • No food or drink is allowed in the library (except for bottled water).
  • The library is not responsible for any property left unattended.


  • Readers should not attempt to leave the library with an item that has not been checked into their account.
  • Books being taken out of the Library must be shown to staff if requested.
  • All items on loan are subject to recall at any time by the library.

Health & Safety

  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • Readers must vacate the Library and the building immediately by the nearest emergency exit when asked to do so because of an emergency or the threat of fire. The instructions of Fire Marshals must be followed.


  • The Library welcomes the donation of books, journals and other library material that extend and complement existing collections. Donated material will be assessed according to similar criteria as those governing the acquisition of new material for the Library.
  • Donated material may only be delivered to the library following discussion and agreement with the Librarian.
  • The Library reserves the right to donate or dispose of the material without acknowledgement.
  • Material donated to the library should: be relevant, be in acceptable physical condition, be current (i.e. have recent publication date), not duplicate material already available in the library. The only exception to this would be where additional copies of an item would meet a current demand.
  • In the case of large donations, the Library might request a listing of the items from which titles will be evaluated and selected in the first instance.
  • Material not accepted will include: old editions of textbooks and journals available electronically via the Library subscriptions.