About TUS Libraries

Library Mission Statement

The mission of the library is to provide the highest standard of information and learning resources available as well as, quality services to meet the needs of learning, teaching and research within TUS and the wider community. The provision of such resources and services is facilitated by our highly skilled library staff based at our four library facilities in Moylish, LSAD, Thurles and Clonmel.

Information and research skills training

TUS Library continues to invest considerable human resources in the development and roll out of our very successful Information Literacy and research skills programmes throughout all our Library sites such as the Learning to Learn Information Skills programme that is available to all students. This is a programme of information skills training which runs throughout the academic year and is designed to help students develop the skills to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively and ethically. The Library also provides a Subject Librarian service that offers dedicated subject specialist liaison and advice to learners and academic staff.