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Library staff are here to help. We provide information and guidance to support you with your learning, research, or teaching.

Name Phone Email Position
Monika Bukowska +35361293493 monika.bukowska@lit.ie Assistant Librarian
Jerald Cavanagh +35361293806 jerald.cavanagh@lit.ie Institute Librarian
Sean De Bhulbh +35361293489 sean.debhulbh@lit.ie Assistant Librarian (Serials)
Nora Hegarty +35361293874 nora.hegarty@lit.ie Library Assistant
Sarah Landy +35361293266 sarah.landy@lit.ie Deputy Librarian
Brian O’Donnell +35361293265 brian.odonnell@lit.ie Systems Librarian
Anne O’Donoghue +35361293493 anne.odonoghue@lit.ie Library Assistant (Serials)
Colette Real +35361293265 colette.real@lit.ie Library Assistant (Acquisitions)
Olive Vaughan +35361293827 olive.vaughan@lit.ie Senior Library Assistant (Acquisitions)
Killian Walsh +35361293265 killian.walsh@lit.ie Part-time Library Assistant
Name Phone Email Position
Sarah Landy +35361293380 sarah.landy@lit.ie Deputy Librarian
Stephanie O’Keeffe +35361293380 stephanie.Okeeffe@lit.ie Library Assistant (Serials)
Claire O’Reilly +35361293265 claire.oreilly@lit.ie Part-time Library Assistant
Aleksandra Styka +35361293381 aleksandra.styka@lit.ie Library Assistant
Name Phone Email Position
Catherine Barrett +35350428010 catherine.barrett@lit.ie Part-time Library Assistant
Agnes Quinn +35350428076 agnes.quinn@lit.ie Library Assistant – worksharing
Aileen Ryan-Jordan +35350428085 aileen.ryanjordan@lit.ie Part-time Library Assistant
Katherine Shanahan +35350428076 katherine.shanahan@lit.ie Library Assistant – worksharing
Joan Stakelum Ryan +35350428076 joan.stakelumryan@lit.ie Library Assistant – worksharing
Name Phone Email Position
Marian Kelly +35350428423 marian.kelly@lit.ie Library Assistant
Josephine Lambe +35350428464 josephine.lambe@lit.ie Part-time Library Assistant

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