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If you can’t find an answer to your question here please Ask a Librarian by email: library@lit.ie, phone: 061 293 265 or call in to your nearest library.

To find books and other items in the Library, search the Library Catalogue.
Materials must be borrowed at the library issue desk, using your student / staff ID card. ID cards may not be transferred and books may not be borrowed on behalf of another person or transferred to another person.
Loans must be returned to the library issue desk. Patrons should ensure that the borrowed items are checked in by a member of the library staff. You can also leave books in the book return located near the Moylish library issue desk.
Hardcopy journals, theses and exam papers may not be borrowed and may only be used in the Library.
Theses must be checked out at the library desk using your student card and may only be borrowed for a period of 2 hours for library use only.
Hardcopy journals and exam papers may only be used in the Library however the library has a large collection of online journals available on and off campus through its online databases. Exam papers can also be accessed online on Moodle.
Each book, DVD, thesis and other items in the library has a class number. A class number is like an address: it tells us where the book is located in the library. This number may also be referred to as the ‘Shelf number’, ‘Call number’ or ‘Dewey number’. We use the Dewey Decimal Classification System to arrange books and other library materials by subjects. Because books are classified by subject, you can find related books on the same shelf, or nearby.
The Citation Resolver tool will find an article if we carry it in the Discover!, which comprise the majority of our databases. This tool allows you to copy and paste a citation formatted in preferred style (APA, AMA, Harvard, etc.) into the search box and results will appear in Discover! With the information, such as title, author, year, journal, volume, number, etc., you can link directly from one result to related records.
Keep in mind that there are some databases that will not be searched because they are not supported by EBSCO. Some examples are: IHS, Arts Collection from ProQuest and LexisNexis
If you do not find your article in the Discover!, you still have options:
1. Search databases directly via Databases page
2. Request it from Inter Library Loan.
3. Ask a librarian for help.
Books can be renewed online, by phone 061 293265, or in person at the library desk.
Please note that the Short Loan, CDs and DVD collections are not renewable. Up to 2 renewals is allowed for some material.
Group study rooms, located at the Moylish campus can be booked for groups of two or more students at the library issue desk. The Library has various study rooms which students can book. These rooms are for group study only and are available for a maximum of two hours.
You can request a library visit letter at the library issue desk. When visiting the library in question you must bring this letter with you in order to gain access.
Go to the library’s ‘Databases‘ page to view a full listing of databases the library subscribes to.
Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge/ IE 11 are currently incompatible with several electronic library databases. This may appear as a blank page when you click on a link to a database.
Solution: Try another browser. If you use Edge or Internet Explorer, try downloading Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome (both are free, and work well with the library’s website and databases).
Yes, if you have Internet connection. To log in you must use your LIT username and password. They are the same details that you use with your college email, Moodle and logging into a college PC.
Review the Research Subject Guides for your area of study to find recommended resources or ask a member of staff for assistance.
A piece of software which allow you to view PDF files. PDF is a file format that is used to electronically reproduce printed material. It is freely available @ https://www.adobe.com
Yes, contact staff at library issue desk, 061 293 256, via email or call into the library.
Most search pages have an option to restrict your search to “full text” articles. For example, you can specify that you are only looking for full text by clicking beside “Subscribed publications” in advanced search on ScienceDirect or by selecting “Only content I have access to” on Emerald.
If the database is trying to charge you for a article after you have logged in with your LIT credentials, the full text is not available to you within the database you are searching.
If you think you should be able to get the full text of an article but are not, please contact the library on 061 293 265
Use this facility to: check your current loans and requests, see a list of previous loans and renew books.
Yes, student PCs are available at all LIT libraries. These PCs are networked and give students access to the Internet, library electronic resources and Microsoft packages e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Endnote etc. For further information or queries please contact LIT Computer Services E: helpdesk@lit.ie T: 061-293100
You must be a registered student or staff member of LIT. You log in with your college ID/username and password.
If you have forgotten your password, you will need to contact a staff member at the Computer Services Helpdesk where it can be changed for you.
All student PCs have Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. in the most recent version as licensed by LIT Computer Services department.
Past LIT exam papers are available in the library. Hardcopies of exam papers are available on the exam paper shelves on the Ground Floor of the Moylish library. Electronic (PDF or Word) copies of exam papers are available on  Moodle.
Login to Moodle with your LIT username and password.
Yes. Once you have selected a paper you can download and print it.
To order stock to be added to the library please fill out the book purchase request form available here. Please note your order from must be signed by Head of Department before is submitted to the library acquisitions department (Olive.Vaughan@lit.ie)

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